Vibro Screen

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Client List – Vibro Screens

APPLICATION of Vibro Screens

Sugar : Mixed / Screened Juice, OC Filtrate, Melt, Seed, MOL, Syrup & Sugar, Grading, Fly Ash.
Paper & Pulp : Fiber Recovery, Black Liquor, Milk of Lime & Coating, Chemical Additives Preparation Plant.
Ceramic : Abrasive, Sand & Glass, Ceramic Slip, Glazed Section, Ceramic Powder, Insulator Slip, Metal Powder / Shots & Grits.
Food : Biscuit, Edible Oil, Cellulose Powder Cattle Feed, Starch Slurry, Spices, Tea, Table Salt.
Pharmaceuticals : Aspirin, Bulk Drugs, Calcined Petroleum Coke, Detergent Powder, Fertilizers, Paints, Sulphur Powder, Sodium Sulphate.

Salient Features of Vibro Screen:

  • A Serious problem of fine floating bagacillo in screend juice, clear juice, syrup, sugar melt and frit in lime slurry nicely solved.
  • Due to bagacillo removal; less load on juice heaters / Clarifiers results in better efficiency
  • Better heat transfer hence substantial savings of steam
  • Less chemical consumption
  • Improved efficiency of JH / Evaporator / Clarifier Pans & higher throughout & crushing
  • Saving in lime, sulphur & chemical consumption
  • Better quality juice. Brilliant white, lower ICUMSA quality sugar
  • Less scale formation in JH Tubes, therefor less frequent cleaning of JH.

Dust Cover for Vibro Screen: Dust Cover assembly comprises cover, packing ring with neoprene gasket and clamp set. Dust cover is having 2 inspection windows and one centre feeding opening.

Feed Tray for Vibro Screen: It is used when number of screens are more than one. It is provided below the upper screens so that the material is centrally fed from top screen to bottom screen.

SMB’s Clean Screen Rings Tray: It prevents screen blinding by fibrous, stingy and sticky material. The mulitplane inertial vibration combined to create shearing actions which cut the fibres and scrap away the gummy / clogged material.

SMB’s Spray Header & Nozzles for Screen Washing: These perforated, ball shaped, stainless steel spray nozzles, provide multi directional spraying of cleaning and rising fluids, simplifying the cleaning of circular separator interiors. The on-line cleaning helps to maintain screen clean, free from gums and wax deposits.

Ball Tray (Anti Binding System): The balls continuosly vibrates, the impact of the balls flexes the operating screens, dislogging near size particles to keep the screen clean. The ball tray can be fixed / removed as may be required.

  • Rugged
  • Reliable
  • Economical
  • Choke Free
  • Most Efficient Screens